Shipping solutions – a call to arms

For every time, every decade there are solutions. Mine are based on common sense and the need to take action. We offer true Zero-emission ships like our versatile C-100, not half-hearted compromises. Vessels that can be efficiently mass produced combining the best of time-tested sailing ships with the very best of proven technology. We’re ready to go, here’s how. 

Zero-carbon operation is available right now by optimising the ships and reducing the power use. 

The fully optimised ship, working with maximum efficiency starts with a computer-tuned hull for maximum performance, a safe, stable carrier that can be relied on to deliver the goods. Racing technology is applied to proven, practical rigs, the sail power is multiplied. Using wind and sun alone, the sails, wind generators and solar all work in unison to drive the vessel. 

Reduce the power usage on board. Every single component must function reliably and efficiently by harnessing all available power. Here’s a few examples. Magtor pumps use half the electricity, the solar panels are cooled to raise the watts and heat the showers. New generation thin-film solar on sails and awnings, Scandium alloys for the spars and low-friction bearings are all available now or coming soon.

Reliability is paramount, hence my insistence on proven technology, backed up by manual marine dexterity. The storm won’t pause while you fix a software glitch in the auto-reefing system. Reliability from the ship’s engines - only one moving part. Reliability is delivering the cargo on time. Reliability is achieved by applying excellence to everything.

Excellence in design, development, engineering and production, never the cheapest option but the best, we are building a future-proof product. These principles may well equal higher upfront costs but wait and see what happens as our boats outperform lesser ships, year after year. Long term reliability and value for money, the ultimate business advantage.

Value for money.  On the table are years of dramatically reduced operational costs, lower maintenance bills, no pollution, no carbon emissions and no diesel. It doesn’t end there either, there’s lasting value in building your own boat with our kits - from the 200 tonne C-100 cargo ships to solar/electric ferries to 6-person resort/work boats – delivered in containers for Island assembly. We call it job creation and the whole community benefits.

We need people. Our shipyard is ready, we need visionary financiers and forward-thinking politicians, deckhands and managers, sailors and accountants, builders and negotiators. Good men and women to share a new cooperative way doing business.  One voice can change the course of history, will it be yours?

Action! Email or phone your leaders and suggest a coordinated call for help – Australia is finally listening.

Derek Ellard -

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